Introducing the Total Guard Protection Plan

Introducing the Total Guard Protection Plan

The Total Guard Protection Plan is a service designed for people who live in locations or environments where pests are an ongoing issue.

How the Total Guard Protection Plan works

Forget paying for a pestie every few months. Instead, pay one annual fee which gives you

  • all your general pest treatments
  • 50% off all remedial termite treatments
  • all pest inspections
  • unlimited visits to your property.

We schedule three visits every year, including two where we do a full timber pest inspection. Timing is always subject to weather conditions – we can’t control Mother Nature – but we rearrange with as much notice as possible.

 The plan also includes extra visits for any unexpected issues. We come out as often as required to treat your property, all for the one fee.

It means you can relax knowing pretty much everything’s taken care of for one fixed price.

Why is there an exception for termites?

We believe the Total Guard Protection Plan offers the best option on the market:

  • You get two full timber pest inspections every year, so any issues are caught early.
  • If an inspection does find termites, remedial work is at a 50% discount.
  • For preventive work, we offer our usual amazingly competitive prices.

As anyone in Australia knows, termites can cost a fortune! No one can afford a fully guaranteed plan for all termite treatment.

Termites usually appear first in the grounds of your property, not in built structures. With regular inspections under this plan, termites will be found earlier, then treated before they reach your home itself. You have peace of mind knowing your biggest asset is secure.

Who is the Total Guard Protection Plan for?

Sydney is a city full of nature, which is fantastic, but the downside is it means a whole range of pests.  The specific pest you have to deal with depends on where you live and the environment around you.

Let’s look at a few scenarios.

Imagine you live in an area such as Mount Colah, right in the middle of the bush.

Your house is surrounded by millions of gum trees. Beautiful, but you worry about termites! While the standard is a termite inspection every 12 months, you want one every 6 months.

With most of the major pest control businesses, each inspection costs around $300. So you’re paying $600 a year for termite inspections alone. With the Total Guard Protection Plan, we’ll cover those two inspections and treat every other pest under the sun. All for just under $500.

Plus, if we find termites, we’ll do the remediation work at half-price.

It means you save money and get more service too.

On the North Shore, ticks are a huge concern

Ticks of all kinds are common across the North Shore, but the paralysis tick is a particular concern.

That’s especially the case for mothers of small children. Those kids are always playing, in the back yard or in the parks, in the long grass where the ticks live.

Those mothers want a regular service to keep their children safe. So we come out regularly to spray the foliage and the grass, keeping the ticks at bay.

The Total Guard Protection Plan offers 3 scheduled visits a year. Ticks are more active in summer, so for these clients we schedule 2 visits in the warmer months and the final one in winter. We’re flexible to suit your needs.

And don’t forget there’s a full warranty, so if you do have problems and need another visit, we come out at no additional charge.

The Safeguard business philosophy is about building relationships. We want people to come back to us, which gives us regular income.

With the Total Guard Protection Plan, you have certainty about how much you’re paying, and we have certainty of income. It’s a great outcome for us and the customers.

But with the Total Guard Protection Plan, you pay much less, and you get three scheduled visits. Plus we treat other pests while we’re there. And if you need another visit – because the rodents breed like rodents! – that’s covered under our warranty too.

It’s the same with cockroaches. We have one customer who lives next to a place where they recondition fridges and white goods. The staff of that business go into people’s homes and remove used equipment. They store them in the location next to our client’s property – and the fridges always have cockroaches. It’s a constant battle for him to keep cockroach numbers down, as new ones are always coming in. So this package works perfectly.

Pests aren’t limited to the suburbs full of nature.

In the inner suburbs, you may be living close to a restaurant or café – in which case your issue is probably rodents. However careful the venues are, food scraps and smells tend to attract rodents. You may find you need a visit every 3-4 months to control them

Issues in built-up environments

At a standard cost of around $250 to deal with rodents, that’s $750 a year or more.

How can we offer Total Guard Protection Plan at this low cost?

We’ve had this plan in trial for some time. We haven’t promoted it publicly, just offered it to customers we thought it was right for. We have around 50 happy customers so far – in fact, the ones who started earliest have signed up for their second year. That’s how we know this works for customers as well as for us.

There is a little risk in the 50% discount on remedial termite work. Essentially, that discount means we’re doing the work for the cost of the materials, not making anything for our time and effort. But since we catch the termites early, those jobs are relatively small. And it’s a great way to build relationships.

One key factor in making this plan work is by doing a thorough job on each and every visit to a property. We track warranty calls and we have very few – far below the industry average.

Our focus on doing things right first time is why we’re confident to offer the unlimited visits in this plan.

Are you on the Total Guard Protection Plan?

If not, contact us to sign up, for the ultimate in pest protection and peace of mind.